Top Ten Worst Buffy and Angel Villains – 10-6

8 Nov

In honor of Halloween I did  list of the best Buffy/Angel Villains.  Considering I’m still carrying an Olympic sized torch for a show that hasn’t been on the air for ten years this probably didn’t have the broadest appeal.  That’s ok, I have to write about things that interest me, and examining every minute of these two shows with a microscope somehow is fascinating to me.  If this isn’t your show, that’s ok, poking holes in a show I love can be entertaining even to those who don’t watch.  This is the first half of my list.

Here's the evil one himself, essentially locked in an underground closet

10.  The Master (Mark Metcalf)

The first major Buffy villain was just kind of flat.  They needed something that looked evil, and they didn’t have time to flesh out an interesting character.  I don’t blame Mark Metcalf at all, he brought a little life to where there was non on the page.  As fearsome as The Master is supposed to be, he spends the entire first season underground, trapped by an invisible wall.  When he finally breaks free during the finale, he is promptly killed by Buffy.  I’m probably being a little harsh in my judgement, but I like my villains to have some sort of motive other than just to take over the world.  Why does this vampire care about that?  Most other vampires are more worried about having a good time, rather than living underground and biding their time for world domination.  angel actually makes an excellent argument against the Master being worth spending time with, and Darla promptly is convinced.

Defining Bad Scene

The Master goes through a great deal of effort to make “The anointed One” a vampire.  He’s just some dumb kid who would be on this list if he was even remotely capable of doing anything evil, or even good for that matter.  In the first season finale we find out that kid anointed, as I’ve decided to call him, was brought in the fold simply to walk Buffy to where the Master is underground.  Nice plan, The Master.

Brain sucking was Glory's secret weapon

9.  Glory/Ben -(Clare Kramer/Charlie Weber)

The season five big bad of Buffy, had some potential to be good.  Unfortunately Clare Kramer couldn’t quite carry the role, which required alternating between menacing and glamorous.  On the plus side she looked pretty good in a dress.  The downside was that she was unintentionally comical when delivering the vast majority of her lines.  Plots that featured her tended to be pretty horrible as well.  She mostly threatened Buffy or talked to her minions.  She was there because the show needed a “big bad” to combat, and an evil God with a penchant for dressing nice seemed like a good idea.  Until the finale, all the good moments of the fifth season happened with her off screen.  As a twist, she shared a body with a mere human named Ben.  As much as I didn’t buy into Kramer, she is Meryl Streep compared to Charlie Weber.  Charlies seemed to have a square jaw and nothing else going for him.  His scenes bring down the whole show, and there was a brief moment where he was a love interest of Buffy’s.  I can only imagine that as the writer’s saw more of him, they wanted less of the character.

The worst actor on either show

Defining Bad Scene

When Glory and Ben are switching back and forth having an argument between themselves.  Between the low rent special effects and the acting on display, I dare you not to laugh.

Deevak meets his well deserved end

8.  Deevak (Cedrick Terrel/Alan Shaw)

This is one of a series of stupid villains appearing in self contained episodes on Angel.  What sets Deevak apart is his inane plan, that involves posing as a human while the Angel crew enters his trap full of vampires, choosing not to turn into a demon and fight them there, instead waiting to reveal his true identity when he had less manpower.  Why go to all the trouble to come up with a complicated, yet stupid plan to rid the world of Angel Investigations?  Why was Deevek running a chop shop?  It isn’t like Angel hunts down criminals of all sorts, just the demon variety.  If Deevak’s goal was to just be a petty criminal, he could have kept his human form, and not invited the vampire with a soul and his intrepid team down on his car stealing business.

Defining Bad Scene

When the human he was posing as turns into a demon audiences saw the least interesting surprise twist of all time.  Fortunately he had an axe in his head soon after.

Weapon of choice: Knitting needle

7.  Silas (Michael Phenicie)

The head priest from a hell dimension (Pylea) entered our lives for a three episode run at the end of the second season of Angel.  Coincidentally this is the worst story arc of the entire series.  After really building up a lot of goodwill with a run of fantastic episodes, the show moves to a boring alien planet and spends a lot of time there wasting my time.  For a clergyman whose goal is power consolidation and control over the local populace, he seems fairly incompetent.  He wants Cordelia’s visions, so they refer back to some prophecy that requires her to become a princess.  Since he is controls the written word, they could have had that prophecy be a little less convoluted.  Even worse is when he fails to execute Lorne.  He successfully cuts of Lorne’s head, but that doesn’t kill Lorne.  That may be a shocker to us, but he is from Pylea and should be a little more aware of how to kill a Pylean.

Defining Bad Scene

When he starts to get frustrated that Cordelia is down with his plan and just makes a few empty threats.  I’m shaking in my boots.

At least they pillaged Sunnydale by cover of night

6.  Biker Demon Gang (Various)

Joss Whedon took a well deserved vacation and this is what happened.  Despite just being gone for a few episodes at the beginning fo the sixth season, and having a stable full of quality writers, things just didn’t go well.  Bringing Buffy back from the dead was a critical moment for the show, since a failure to credibly bring her back would make it seem like there would be no consequences to character death.  They did that ok in a two part season premier, but her first villain back was more obnoxious than anything else.  While it may be difficult to suspend disbelief that there are vampires who kill in the middle of the night without it ever making the news, it is impossible to believe in what happened with the demon gang.  If there were a gang of demons, riding through small towns in California, during the daylight, ransacking towns left and right, you’d better believe it make the evening news.  Yet their swath of destruction somehow goes ignored.  By the time they get to Sunnydale the national guard is not waiting for them.  There is also a lack of credibility in motivation.  I know why the Hell’s Angel occasionally find themselves on the other side of the law, but this biker gang isn’t selling drugs.  They are just calling a lot of attention to themselves via property damage.  What do they get out of it?

Defining Bad Scene

Buffy taking them down pretty easily despite being a little bit tired from having been dead for several months.  That’s just sad.

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